Sins of the Season

Painted & Molded Chocolates


These hand painted frogs are filled with Lemon & Mint Ganache from the backyard.  Some are filled with Apricot-Rosemary Ganache.  But be careful!  All of them have swallowed a fly (kirsch soaked currant).

Matcha Ganache

He's so serene because he's been drinking Green Tea!  Airbrushed head is filled with Matcha Ganache.

Pop Rock Melts

These Dragons sizzle!  Pop rocks mixed with meltaway chocolate that will pop and sizzle in your mouth.  These dragons are large enough to share between several people (or make it a full meal for yourself).

Praline Creme Praline

Hand made almond praline (not the smooth commercial kind) and chocolate make for a satisfying combination.

Cassis Ganache

Blackcurrant and a hint of tumeric (yes, tumeric) make this flavor pop.

Orange Butter Ganache

Buddha's belly is so big because he's been eating lots of oranges!  

Boozy Berry

These little Robots may have a hard time computing because they have been indulging themselves in a bit of booze.  Filled with booze laden berry ganache.

Caramel Stout Ganache

This lovely caramel filling is made with St. Bernardus Trappist Ale.  

Liliko'i Ganache

Passionfruit Ganache full of juicy rich flavor from what else, liliko'i.

Ginger-Ginseng Tea

Great for a quiet time, this relaxing tea infused ganache will delight your eye and palate.


Backyard Lemongrass & Ginger ganache combine to fill this beautiful bamboo stalk.  Homemade lemongrass liqueur gives it an extra flavor punch.


Lime-Wasabi Ganache, you can taste the Wasabi and the Lime, but the burn shows up faintly at the end.  The chocolate mitigates its fire.  A sophisticated and elegant tasting experience.


In honor of the elusive Blue Butterflies in El Segundo, CA, this lavender ganache will surprise you.

Bacon Jam

First we make a big batch of bacon jam.  Then we boil it down to next to nothing to pack as much flavor into it as possible.  A little bacon bourbon helps punch up the flavor even more, and there you have it.  Yummy and unexpected.  Now you know what hedgehogs eat!

Rosemary Fig

Fig and rosemary are paired in this ganache with bacon bourbon giving a hint of added complexity.


The number one seller, this chocolate espresso hits all the right notes: smooth and crunch; chocolate, milk, espresso.  Be warned: addictive.


A lot of absinthe goes into this ganache, so you can guess what it tastes like.  The number one fave of our local elementary school principal.  Who knew our kids could inspire the need for this chocolate?!

Dulce de Leche Espresso

Just like the name says, a layer of dulce de leche, and another of Espresso Ganache.  Yes we make our own dulce de leche, and fortunately, none of the cans of sweetened condensed milk have exploded because we didn't keep an eye on the water level as it cooked...


What does the sophisticated Scotty Dog drink?  Scotch of course!  A lovely whiskey ganache fills this 3 dimentional dog, complete with a dog tag.  

Pumpkin Spice

Not that artificial flavor Pumpkin Spice, but real organic pumpkin,  hand grated cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice go into this hand dipped seasonal chocolate.  Eat this rather than a piece of pumpkin pie!

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Dipped Beauties

Almond Praline

Homemade almond praline with a bit of texture, so you know you're not getting the commercial kind.  Hand dipped in dark 62% Venezuelan chocolate and decorated with milk piping.

Ginger-Ginseng Tea Ganache

A relaxing bite at the end of a busy day, the subtle tea flavors make this a delicate and delicious ganache to enjoy.

Hazelnut-Cocoa Nib

Ground hazelnuts, white chocolate and cocoa nibs pretty much sums up the ingredients in this ganache.  The slightly smoky yet acerbic crunch of the nibs makes a beautiful contrast with the mellow smoothness of the hazelnut.

Lemon Slice

Candied Lemon Slice dipped in White Chocolate.

Orange Slice

Candied Orange Slice dipped in 72% Venezuelan Chocolate.  Yum.


Mini Stroopwafels dipped and decorated in chocolate.


Heavenly hand made pistachio paste folded into a ganache that even angels would eat.  Please buy these so I don't eat them all myself!

Amaretto Truffle

Almond praline ganache with pine nut decoration on the truffle.  This is a very smooth ganache, made with handmade marzipan we grind ourselves.  Talk about burning out the food processor..

Sea Salt Caramel

Home made caramels are dipped in chocolate and given the final flourish with sea salt.  We have a lot of sea salt.  Some fleur de sel, some hawaiian red, some hand harvested from Molokai, some from Wales smoked over oak... you get the picture. 


Americans just don't seem to understand toffee.  "Your caramels are too hard!  I almost broke a crown"!  So a warning here:  this candy is for savoring and sucking.  If you bite it, it won't take out your fillings, but it might break a tooth.

Coffee Caramel

Our soft caramels are infused with coffee for a change of pace.


I make a great eggnog for drinking, and now I make a great chocolate eggnog.  Much easier to clean up after the chocolate one, so serve this to your guests and save yourself the mess!


Like eating a piece of gingerbread, but in chocolate! 

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Bars and Other things

Chile Chocolate

Habanero and red chile combine to make this solid bar a spicy treat.  62% dark chocolate.

Burnt White Chocolate

Limited edition of burnt white chocolate, a caramel-butterscotch taste that is quite unique.  Not your plain white chocolate.

Deep Dark Chocolate

Just plain 72% Venezuelan chocolate.  A great snacking bar for sophisticated palates.


Fruit and Nuts:  Pear, Cherry, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Pistachio.  And no chocolate!

Praline Meltaway

The first time I served this at a party, a collective sound of oohs and ahhs went up.  Then when it was for sale, people were fighting over it.  Strange you say, because it looks so humble.  But the flavor combination of chocolate, coconut, and handmade hazlenut praline makes it a noble taste indeed.  Give it a try and see why.

Marzipan Pigs

A traditional New Year gift, these pigs have it all:  Luck (the four leaf clover they hold), Wealth (the purse of money on the arm and Health (through good eating of the pig itself, of course).  Handmade and homeground marzipan.  These little pigs are meticulously decorated and ready to help you ring in the New Year!

Rose Caramel

rose caramel artistan handmade chocolate bar

Silky smooth golden caramel will ooze out of this bar when you bite into it, perfuming the air with the smell of roses, and delivering a unique floral taste experience.

Cherry Almond Bar

Loaded with Cherry flavor, and a base of toasted almond for crunch.

Honeycomb Sponge Candy

An old fashioned treat we remember from the boardwalk in Asbury Park, NJ.  It looks like a sea sponge, and tastes sweet, crunch and a little bit salty.  It melts in your mouth (and your hand if you hold onto it too long!).

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We are experimenting in the kitchen.  This is our prototype of emergency chocolate.  SOS in Morris Code, get it?  No?  S=... O=--- S=...

Oh, NOW I get it!

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We are experimenting in the kitchen.

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We are experimenting in the kitchen.