Mother's Day Open House 12-6PM 5/11

Ordering Sin


Sin is a small, boutique chocolate shop.  We make what we are passionate about in micro batches.  There isn't much of what we make.  

Presently there are two ways to Sin: by subscription or by attending one of our open house days.

Open House

At the Open House you'll find old and new favorites, as well as one offs that we have created.  You can pick what you want from the case.

Sin holds Open House by invitation only.  You can get on the invitation list by signing up for the newsletter.

Check out our photo gallery and our confections page  to start your mouth watering.


Subscription service gets you a monthly fix of  new and experimental flavors, colors and shapes along with tried and true favorites.  

 We create and pick for you. Learn more about Subscribing to Sin.